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September 25, 2016

Battle Plans for Killing Your Sin

Speaker: Noah Hartmetz Series: Colossians Topic: Sunday Morning Service Scripture: Colossians 3:5–11

Two strategic fronts for killing old sin in light of our new identity in Christ:

  1. Concerning the "Frontline:" Ruthlessly mortify your old self (5-8)

    1. The command to mortify (5-6)

      1. Kill what is earthly (5a)

      2. Things that are earthly (5b)

      3. Why you must kill what is earthly (6)

    2. The contrast involved for believers in mortification (7-8)

      1. Believers' former lifestyle referenced (7)

      2. Believers' current mortification commanded (8)

  2. Concerning the "Homefront:" Relentlessly recall your new self (9-11)

    1. An introductory command (9a)

    2. A tremendous reminder (9b-11)

      1. You stripped off the old self (9b)

      2. You put on the new self (10-11)

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