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Bible Study Tools

STEP Bible. Free online Bible software. STEP stands for “Scripture Tools for Every Person.” Originally intended for pastors in places with limited to zero access to the internet, this program allows you to do word studies and thematic searches in many English translation versions, along with commentary tools. It’s also downloadable so that you don’t need an internet connection to use. For a helpful guide to using STEP, see here.

Literal Word NASB and ESV. This is a simple online tool that allows you to read the Bible and perform basic searches for words translated into the NASB or ESV versions. These sites were first designed to be mobile device apps. See here for installing this helpful tool on your mobile device.

Blue Letter Bible. This is a free online Bible study tool that is similar to STEP. “Blue Letter Bible provides powerful tools for an in-depth study of God’s Word through our free online reference library, with study tools that are grounded in the historical, conservative Christian faith.” It’s also available to download onto your mobile devices.

Helpful Links

Abner Chou Bible Teaching (Pastor Noah’s favorite Bible scholar)

Walking in Grace (Bible Teaching Ministry of Pastor Richard Caldwell)

Grace To You (Bible Teaching Ministry of Pastor John MacArthur)

Got Questions?

The World and Everything In It - Daily News Podcast from World Newsgroup/World Magazine

The Expositors Seminary

The Master’s Seminary

Courageous Churchmen

Seeds Family Music (Engaging Scripture Memory Songs)

American Gospel: Christ Alone (Documentary Film)

American Gospel: Christ Crucified (Documentary Film)

Essential Church (Documentary Film)

Cessationist (Documentary Film)

For sound teaching on how children come to faith in Christ and principles and tips for Christian parenting, listen to these interviews. 

Speaking The Truth In Love 2024 Conference (Founders Baptist Church, Spring, TX)

Developing Implications from the Bible for a Growing Faith

"The Marks of True Repentance" by Brian Arnold

"Essay on Irritability" by Jerry Wragg

"Eight Gifts from a Father to His Children" by Jerry Wragg

"Navigating the Grey Areas of Life" by Jerry Wragg

"Thoughts for Young Women" by Jerry Wragg

"Ungodly Dating Relationships: How to Avoid Getting Stung" by Jerry Wragg

"Just What Exactly Am I Missing? How the Spirit’s Written Revelation Indulges My Cessationism" by Jerry Wragg

"The Image of God at Work" by Whitney Oxford

"Which Church Is God's Will For Me?" by Jonathan Anderson