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Noah was born in Wichita, KS, but spent most of his childhood living in Denver, CO.

Noah became a Christian in 2006 after he became involved with a gospel-believing, discipleship-oriented church in Wichita. Before becoming a part of that church he described himself as a Christian, but knew nothing of the holiness of God or the offense of his sin against Him. His life was all about excusing his own sin and promoting his own inherent goodness. Just as the Bible teaches, Noah was self-righteous to the core.

But as he was exposed to the gospel and the lives of those transformed by the Holy Spirit through the ministry of that Wichita church, he saw the vast difference between saying you’re a Christian and being a Christian. Christians are all about making much of Christ, while acknowledging their own weakness and need for Him in everything. Noah made much of himself and looked to God only when he needed something. After about a year of involvement in the life of that church, he trusted in Christ alone and made a public profession of his faith through baptism.

In 2010, Noah began to have a desire for pastoral ministry and was affirmed by the elders at Cornerstone Bible Church in Wichita, KS as a qualified candidate for ministry. In 2012 Noah began studying at The Expositors Seminary in Prairie Village, KS, which is a part of the ministry of Mission Road Bible Church.

In 2016 Noah graduated from The Expositors Seminary in Prairie Village, KS and began serving alongside the elders of Girard Bible Church as pastor.

In 2024, Noah earned a Th.M in Bible Exposition from The Master's Seminary in Los Angeles.

Noah loves spending time with his family, hearing the testimonies of what God has done in Christ for people, studying the Bible, reading books, thinking about ministry and expository preaching, and talking Royals baseball and Chiefs football.

He is married to Tripp and they have five children (Adeline, Jude, Skylar, Allainna, and Penelope).

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