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Jesus' Goals for Discipling His Church

November 27, 2016 Speaker: Noah Hartmetz Series: Discipleship

Topic: Sunday Morning Service Scripture: Ephesians 4:7–16

Three goals for Christ's corporate discipleship of His church:

  1. The goal of demonstrating Christ's victory (cf. Ps 68) (7-10)

    1. Demonstrated through the spoils of His victory (7-8)

      1. These spoils identified as “grace-gifts” (7)

      2. These spoils’ scriptural basis (8)

    2. Demonstrated through an explanation of His victory (9-10)

  2. The goal of equipping Christ's body (11-13)

    1. Implemented through particular individual gifts (11)

    2. Implemented for general corporate purposes (12-13)

      1. Initially, for equipping the saints for ministry work (12)

      2. Ultimately, for unifying and maturing the entire body (13)

  3. The goal of growing Christ's body (14-16)

    1. By intentionally avoiding instability and vulnerability (14)

    2. By intentionally pursuing maturity and edification (15-16)

      1. Pursuing this maturity practically involves speaking (15a)

      2. Pursuing this maturity as pictured by a growing infant (15b)

      3. Pursuing this maturity is accomplished through Christ's provision (16a)

      4. Pursuing this maturity involves every individual doing their part (16b)