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Church: We're in This Together

October 2, 2016 Speaker: Noah Hartmetz Series: Colossians

Topic: Sunday Morning Service Scripture: Colossians 3:12–17

OUTLINE:  Two comprehensive principles for cultivating unity in the life of the church:

  1. Individually, seek the unity of the body through Christ-like interactions (12-14).

    1. The particular characteristics of these interactions listed (12-13).

      1. God's foundational claim (12a)

      2. Believers' continual work (12b-13)

    2. The crowning characteristic of these interactions named (14).

  2. Corporately, seek the unity of the body through Christ-directed gatherings (15-17).

    1. Seek unity through gratefully acknowledging the Lord's peaceful sovereignty in the church (15).

    2. Seek unity through gratefully abiding in the Lord's sufficient word in the church (16).

      1. Through wisely teaching one another (16b)

      2. Through wisely admonishing one another (16c)

      3. Through singing from lives wholly devoted to God (16d)

    3. Seek unity through gratefully doing everything in the name of the Lord Jesus in the church (17).