December 25, 2016

Text: Matthew 1:18-25

Title: "The Miraculous Birth of our only Savior"


Matthew 1:18-25 unfolds the account of Jesus' miraculous birth in view of His saving death. 

1A. (18b-19) Well-meant intentions

1B. (18b) His unexpected predicament

2B. (19) His gracious solution

2A. (20-23) An over-ruling word

1B. (20-21) The divine instructions

2B. (22-23) The prophetic background

3A. (24-25) Faith-filled obedience

1B. (24) His immediate obedience described

2B. (25a) His self-controlled obedience articulated

3B. (25b) His faith-filled obedience demonstrated

Posted on December 25, 2016 .