December 18, 2016

Sermon Text: 1 Timothy 1:12-16

Sermon Title: "A Testimony of Grace and Mercy"


Two perspectives concerning Christ's work of salvation:

1A. The personal perspective of one sinner’s salvation.

1B. This sinner’s motive for praising Christ (12).

1C. His thanksgiving (12a)

2C. His reason (12bc)

2B. This sinner’s history of opposing Christ (13a).

3B. This sinner’s transformation by Christ (13b-14).

1C. Christ’s merciful treatment of His enemy (13bc)

2C. Christ’s overflowing provision for His servant (14ab)

2A. The public perspective for all sinners’ salvation (15-16).

1B. The absolutely true statement (15ab).

1C. The statement introduced (15a).

2C. The statement announced (15b).

2B. The example of the statement (15c-16).

1C. The sinner’s preeminent position as chief sinner (15c).

2C. The sinner’s reason for being the chief sinner (16)

1D. His example explained (16ab).

2D. His example directed (16c).

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